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Konsert Delux

Kördelux is a choir in Karlskoga composed of members enrolled in the Karlskoga municipality’s ‘daily activities’ program. This means that all choir members have various forms of mental and, at times, physical disabilities. The choir has been granted the unique opportunity to perform a concert with the Swedish Chamber Orchestra, creating a musical collision where the choir’s unique enthusiasm intertwines with the orchestra’s total professionalism in a lively celebration.

However, the journey towards Konsert Delux (Concert Deluxe) has been marked by a pandemic with severe repercussions and a political investigation that poses a threat to the choir’s chance for a professional future. The journey was documented, and the film ‘The Story of Konsert Delux’ was screened in theaters in Karlskoga. We were hired just before the screening to promote the film. Through strategic and operational efforts, the film received coverage in TV broadcasts, magazines, and newspapers. Despite limited time and resources.