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Lasse Åberg - Autobiography

Few Swedes are as universally adored across generations as the multi-talented Lasse Åberg. Recognized with numerous honorary awards in film and television, he has become an icon through the cult figures Stig-Helmer Olsson and Trazan Apansson. Notably, ‘Sällskapsresan’ (The Charter Trip) stands as the most-watched Swedish film ever, drawing over two million visitors.

In the book ‘Lasse Åberg – Samlade fragment ur ett spretigt liv’ (‘Lasse Åberg – Collected Fragments from a Diverse Life’), he provides a comprehensive overview of his life and career. Our mission was to handle the PR. Through strategic and operational PR efforts, Lasse was featured in numerous TV programs, magazines, and newspapers, propelling the book consistently onto various top lists.