This is gul PR

Gul PR is a hungry and creative PR-company, always doing our best in every assignment no matter what the circumstances.

Our ethos is: results are more important than fancy jargon. We have helped a range of tech companies from around Europe in the past few years to reach out to the right Scandinavian businesses and inform them about their services.

Do you need help targeting the right groups? Don't hesitate to get in touch!

From us/the gang at Gul PR

Client endorsements

"A very professional way of working that delivered over my expectations"

— Alexander Pärleros, entrepreneur and founder of the most successful interview podcast in the North The success podcast.

"Working with Gul PR has been fantastic!"

— Elin Helander, head of research at the Fintech company Dreams and author of Hjärnkoll på pengarna.

"It was a treat to work with you - such fun. Thank you!"

— Princess Märtha Louise of Norway

"Gul PR is a dream to work with! Always on the ball with great ideas and helpful feedback for our ideas. Great media contacts - old and new."

— Mathias Sundin, founder of Warp Institute

"Gul PR delivers! Always! If you want results this is the company for you."

— Elias Våhlund, author of the children’s book series Handbok för superhjältar.

"I've been working in the music industry for ten years and in the publishing industry for fifteen years and have never worked with a more driven and professional publicist than Ville, and no better PR-company than Gul PR."

— Martin Svensson, author of biographies on Samantha Fox, Perez Hilton and The Mauler among others.